Meaning of our site VatiKos Theologie

“VatiKos Theologie” is a combination of two words from two different languages. “Vatikos” taken from Lithuanian language, which in turn has its root word in Sanskrit language “vatika” meaning “Garden”. “Theologie” from German language meaning “Theology”. Thus “Vaitkos Theologie” means “Garden of Theology”. And we gladly welcome you to our ‘Garden of Christian Theology and Spirituality’. For easy usage we call our site “VatiKos”.

Starting of VatiKos

VatiKos is a non-profitable Christian site. Inspiration to begin this site came initially from my experience of searching good Christian articles and resource materials for faith formation. As usual, after hours of browsing I get lost jumping from one site to another with fewer Christian articles in hand. From then on it was at the back of my mind to start a site which is more comprehensive and have some logical depth. Besides this, I was at regular intervals prompted by my friends to venture into digital media for the propagation of Christian Faith. And after much thought and prayer came this site named

What kind of a site is VatiKos?

VatiKos is a compendium on Bible, Christian Theology, Faith and Spirituality. In one single site we present to the readers various disciplines of Theology, Bible exegesis, Christian faith and spirituality, etc., in a concise form which is simple and easy to understand. Thus we helps our readers to avoid most of the jumping from one site to another.

Intention in Making VatiKos

Intention of us here is to help and support in possible ways to deepen the faith of all Christians through better and clearer understanding of Christian Theology, Bible, Christian Doctrines, Traditions, and also to bring at your disposition various Spiritual Pathways, and the treasures of Christianity down the centuries.

Our Vision

Our visions in creating VatiKos is to develop it into a full fledge Christian resource site dealing with various disciplines of Theology, Bible and Christian Faith.

Our Need

It is a tedious task to run a site by writing all the articles when it is made to function as an online Christian compendium. Therefore, We are looking forward to have more quality Christian writers/authors, who can share their knowledge and write articles on various fields of Theology, Bible exegesis, Christian Faith & Spirituality, Christian Traditions, etc. according to one’s competence. If you are willing to share in our vision, then contact us at

Personal Inspiration of Fr. Jefferson Bennit – Founder of VatiKos Theologie
Fr. Jefferson Bennit
Fr. Jefferson Bennit

At last a feeble and a person of little faith like me is able to move out of the shades of my life and present myself to the public what I have learned and actualized by the grace and mercy of God. This had come at the backdrop of hard labour and sacrifices of many years.

All I am today and all I have today is from the Love that was showered on me by God, by my family, and by my trusted friends. This I write because the journey to understand, to believe, and to follow the footsteps of Christ was never easy for me. Every time I desired to follow Christ, his Cross also came along with it. At first those moments were of great disappointment, frustration, fear, escapism, etc. Later it was of the Wisdom of God (grace of the Holy Spirit) that made me realize that the true, real nectar of love for/of Christ is hidden in that Cross. Once this realization began to take hold of me, all my pain, my tears of many night and day turned into moments of joy. Even my enemies and haters turned out to be my well-wishers.

This also perhaps could had happened because of my love and dearness to Sacred Scripture (which actually began out of force and later out of pure academic curiosity) and the blind leap of faith that I have taken trusting the Word of Christ (in reality I began to trust Christ because in those difficult hours I had no one else other than Christ to speak and relay on). For many years all that I had as my possession was tears until that time when Christ the Son of God dawned in my life. To say the fact, for the world nothing had changed. Yes, it is true that nothing had changed externally, but for me, internally my whole world had transformed like a green pasture in heaven, where peace and happiness lasts infinitely. Therefore today I could look at the world and say:-

Picking violets by the side
I forgot my begging bowl.
How sad you must be
My poor little bowl!
I forgot my bowl again!
Please nobody pick it up,
My lonely little bowl.
My bowl is fragrant with
Christ of a thousand homes;
My heart has renounced
The sovereignty of riches and worldly fame.
Quietly cherishing the love of Christ,
I walk to the village for
Another day of begging.

Holy SpiritThis is one of the reasons that I ventured to pen down what God had given me through Christ by the power of His Holy and Gentle Spirit. But more so, because I see and feel that more the pomp and bash the world showcases the more is its inner grief, feeling of being alone and of inner emptiness. This is mainly because of the lack of belief as well as because of the lack of sense for genuine love, peace, and fellowship which can come only through Christ.

The proper understanding of Sacred Scripture and Christian faith, and love among us can alone lead us concretely to Christ. Thus we would once again be able to see and realize that all the Word and teachings of Christ are true and is very much alive even at the backdrop of such heinous and adverse situations, where charity, love and fellowship is forgotten or rather forbidden.

You could either agree or disagree with what I have written or ask more about those topics or any other subject you like to discuss with me. If my articles have at least helped you to think about Jesus Christ and His salvific act, then the objective of writing these articles have been achieved.

Over the next few years, my one goal is to share what I have learned with Christ so that you can have an even better life than I do.

I hope my story inspires you to do something with your life.  You just need to love what you do. For “Glory of God is man fully alive”.

Best wishes for your pathways in encountering Christ! And feel free to leave a comment if you have one.

May the peace and love of Christ be with you all!


27 thoughts on “About VatiKos Theologie

  1. Sharing good and bad times, with everyone, yes, it is a treasured gift that gives our hearts a special gift ………. A blessing we just couldn’t do without ………. It brings the joys we even more …….. for sharing is what living’s all about. Greetings and prayers for sharing your good values with all of us…..

  2. Thank you so much for visiting and liking a recent post of ours – it’s a blessing to meet another believer always; each meeting enriches our lives and uplifts our faith that God is fully in control.

    Blessings to you and keep your humble heart – it serves the world well.

  3. I’m glad you found something you liked on my blog. Who would have thought scholastic theology could be so intertwined with cutting edge research in biology (its not really that surprising, though, is it)? I’m no expert on Catholic theology, though, so keep checking in on that series about the philosophical history of genetics and ethics and let me know what I’m getting right and what I need to rethink.

  4. Dear Jeff, Very Good site. May many more have the access of reading and come to know the real worth of life. May God bless your hard work and your interest in spreading His Kingdom Sr. Rose Maria

  5. Jefferson, I appriciate your hard work and your effort to share your knowlege. May God bless your mission of spreading God’s Word.

  6. Thank you for practicing what you write and encouraging by liking my blog. May God bless many through your writings.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be following yours. Truly it does begin and end in the power of the Holy Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessings to you!

  7. Thank you for passing by Blog. You have a very interesting blog on Christianity and Catholic doctrine. Theology is such a broad based study, that really, the learning process can bring in new issues that can be analysed in very different perspectives. It will be wonderful to learn and hear from you along the way.

    1. I am sorry to say this, but I completely disagree with what you say. Anyone who goes through your blog will say it is filled with the treasures of the Catholic Doctrine. However, I choose not to follow the catholic doctrine.

  8. My blog is (almost) exclusively humor-based, created so I can direct lit agents to it. But I am very religious and at two points in my life thought I had The Calling. I later tried to get back into academia by making a lateral move from philosophy to religion, the goal being to get a PhD and get a full-time job, as opposed to the adjunct teaching I had been doing.

  9. vatikos..
    I cannot get the map thingy at bottom of my page working..have you got the html code for does not seem to work on my blog at all.
    Ive tried about 7/8 times now to sort it..

  10. Thank you for following by blog. I am glad that I found yours as I am impressed by the richness and quality of your site. I look forward to exploring it, especially your in-depth, interactive exegesis. I am teaching a religious education class next fall so I am always looking for quality material!

    W. Ockham

  11. Thank you Shanon for joining up with us, we look forward to sharing with you again in the near future, may you be greatly blessed as you also share from your heart encouraging and uplifting others, how wonderful is you heart-warming Testimony, thank you so much for allowing us to be touched by your words of Hope, they were a wonderful assurance.

    I agree with you Shanon as the Body of Christ we are to uplift and encourage each other and when we show Love to others we are also showing it to our Saviour Jesus Christ, our only Mediator, no other name is greater and we worship Him as part of The Godhead or as known today the Holy Trinity.

    Christian Love from both of us Anne.

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