About Vatikos Theologie

About VatiKos Theologie

To know more about ‘VatiKos Theologie’, its existence, purpose, intention etc., please! visit our about page. In a glimpse we could say “Vaitkos Theologie” means “Garden of Theology”. And we gladly welcome you to our ‘Garden of Christian Theology and Spirituality’.

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‘VatiKos Theologie’ is a non-profitable Christian site established for the propagation of Christian Faith. Since we do not have payed promotion of our site; we relay on the grace of God and person to person promotion of our site. Please! share in our efforts to propagate Christian Faith.

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Navigation Menu

For the first time visitors of ‘VatiKos Theologie’, you are welcome to take a look at our navigation menu for major categories under which our articles are filed. You can click on those titles to go to its sub-categories and so forth for easy navigation of our site.

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Article Index

Article Index

Here you will find all the categories under which articles are written and published in VatiKos Theologie. Click on each category to find related articles pertaining to that subject.

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Blog Roll


Open this page for infinite scrolling of all the latest news and Christian articles on VatiKos Theologie as it got published beginning with latest to older ones.

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Hi! This is Fr. Jefferson Bennit, Director of VatiKos Theologie. Welcome to our authors page. Here you can browse through each author and get in touch with them

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