John 6: 1-71 – Jesus the Bread of Life

John 6 is well-known for the discourse on the bread of life and the living bread. The discourse is introduced through the narration of events: multiplication of loaves, prayer on the mountain, and walking on the water. So the scheme followed by the evangelist is “Act-discourse”. The three acts and the discourse together make one coherent whole. It is in John 6 Jesus begins to use “I am “formula for self-revelation. In John 6, the pivotal themes are revelation and Eucharist. John 6 is set against the feast of Passover.

First of all, the main sections may be defined as follows:

John 6: 1-14                –           Multiplication of Loaves

John 6: 15                    –           Jesus’ withdrawal on the mountain

John 6: 16-21               –           Walking on the water

John 6: 22-71               –           Discourse on Bread of Life and the Living Bread


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