Sr. Jomy Paul SSS – New Author

Ignorance of the Scripture is ignorance of Christ” (St. Jerome)

This statement which I heard long back brought an electrifying experience in me that shook me with a doubt of my own religion. I thought for a while, if this is true then am I ignorant of Christ? Can I be called as a Christian, the so called ‘follower of Christ’?

I was born and brought up in a traditional and conservative Christian family of Kerala, India. The pride of being the descendant of St. Thomas, the disciple of Christ was there in my blood too. All the more Sacred Scripture was part and parcel of my life since my childhood. But now, this thought not only disturbed my mind but also shook my pride. As far as I could remember my parents used to read out the Holy Bible daily at home after our family prayers. Since the time I could put together the alphabets into words and sentences, I had the joy of reading out the Sacred Scripture aloud before the elders at home with bit of pride and the pleasure of being praised specially by my Grandparents. Yet now, I couldn’t believe that I am ignorant of the Scripture and Christ. My pride that was like a mighty mountain, now melted down like a sea of snow and the sunlight that caused it was nothing other than the above statement of St. Jerome “Ignorance of the Sacred Scripture is the ignorance of Christ.”

Sacred ScriptureI realized that the knowledge of the Sacred Scripture is not merely an intellectual knowledge rather it is purely enlightenment, enlightenment from above to know where I am now and to where be me to go further… Probably, this was the reason behind my desire for the knowledge of the Sacred Scripture and my desire to be a religious nun in the Congregation of the Sisters of Sacred Sciences, which gives much importance in imparting the spiritual knowledge through the study of the Sacred Sciences which is nothing but the Sacred Scripture.

Of course, no one can ever fully sink into or implore the core of the spirituality of the Bible nor comprehend the mind of God. Yet, the Omniscient God in His generosity allows us the feeble and the fragile human beings to understand something of that deep yet calm ocean of Spirituality. I deeply believe that He will allow me too to do the same. And I take this opportunity of putting down my reflections of His poem of love as a wonderful occasion of reflecting along with many who have the same desire like mine and even better than that of mine.


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