Amos the Prophet and Mission of Israel

1-Old-Testament-Timeline-aIsrael existed for the glory of Yahweh and not primarily for its own self-exaltation. The credit for burning this idea into the conscience of Israel goes to the prophets of the eight century B.C.E., among them particularly Amos. Here we adopt a literary approach that seeks to understand the message of the book as a whole and will be focusing on only three texts of Amos, namely, 1,2; 1,3–2,16; 9,7 (in my upcoming articles).

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One thought on “Amos the Prophet and Mission of Israel

  1. Yes it is True, Israel was chosen to bring God’s message of freedom in Christ Jesus , they had the promise , we have the reality. In excepting God’s Truth and guidelines and living them out in our lives by the empowering of The Holy Spirit, our lives do indeed glorify Him.

    I will look forward to your coming messages Sharon.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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