Re- living the Faith of Mother Veronica by Rose Maria AC

“Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him”.

 Jesus is the center of our Christian faith and it is gift from God. It should be lived and shared by others. As we know this year is dedicated as the year of faith, Pope Benedict the xvi in his Apostolic letter “Porta Fidei” mentions that faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy.

Re-living our faith means not only to remember but also re-live, re-experience and re-engage our faith on a regular even daily basis. This is what Paul was saying in 1 Corinthians and exactly what Jesus was teaching His disciples.

 As we re-live our faith and reconsume the presence of the Lord over and over again we rise above circumstances, experience the joy of God while doing so and reflect the image of the Lord Jesus to all we meet. Our Foundress Mother Veronica lived and experienced and became the source of faith those whom she encountered in her life. Faith enabled her to look beyond of her struggles and difficulties of life. For Mother Veronica Faith was a stepping stone, she climbed the step believing that the powerful hand of God was always with her.  Her life was a testimony of faith and her actions showed Christ’s love to those who needed it most. To me, a hero is someone who does not seek fame or fortune, but rather lives a life of integrity and impacts people along the way of faith it is none other than our beloved Foundress. She is the epitome of generosity and selflessness, encouraging us to look Christ with faith in times of doubts and difficulties.  The faith of Mother Veronica was in the ground of her being. I believe that God’s people ought to live by Faith. So the life of Mother Veronica urges us to bond prayer and faith together in ones life and work.  All our action should replicate that faith is alive and vibrant because through faith we grow and see the face of God in the daily events of our life.

 We are called and set apart to impart our faith in the Risen Lord.   We are called to trust because we don’t want to know what tomorrow holds but we are called to trust who holds tomorrow and go on by faith. This was the life of Mother Veronica. God is always concerned about us but we fail to be acquainted with His concern and love for us.  Faith is a gift from God which was lived by Mother Veronica in the midst of suffering, misunderstanding, isolation etc. Today what we lack is that of faith, who through their lives witness the presence of God in the midst of troubles and difficulties of life.  We are called and specially chosen to rekindle our faith in the Risen Lord and to be more innovative in the service of Christ.  Faith should be kept always burning in the midst of challenges, pain and affliction so that we become more persuaded of the present realities of life.  We should be able to say that I live by faith and feel no alarm and I am safe in His sheltering arm.  We should have the courage of faith to say no to the worldly pleasures .We are called to walk in the light of Faith which is the core of our life.

The year of faith inspires and challenges us to live a Faith- Filled contemplative life which embodied Mother Veronica to face the Challenges of life. I pray that the seed of Faith grow in the hearts of many so that the year of faith will bring myriad of blessings and novelty in us and may our Foundress Mother Veronica enable us to live our Charism as she did with absolute faith and trust.


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