Concluding Synthesis on the Cleansing of the Temple

It is important to note how Matthew concludes the cleansing of the Temple with these two brief episodes.

“The blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them” (Mt 21, 14). In contrast to the cattle-trading, and money-changing, Jesus brings his healing goodness/grace. This is the true cleansing of the Temple (A true lesson even for the present day Christian churches all over the world). Jesus does not come as a destroyer. He does not come bearing the sword of the revolutionary. He comes with the gift of healing. He turns towards those who, because of their afflictions, have been driven to the margins of life and society. He reveals God as the one who loves and his power as the power of love.

This episode is further concluded by the fact that the children repeat the “Hosanna” acclamation that the chief priests and scribes failed to give Jesus (Mt 21, 15). From these “little ones,” praise will always come to Jesus (cf. Ps 8, 2). That is, ‘praise’ from those who are able to see with pure and undivided hearts, from those who are open to his goodness.

These two short episodes, in turn then, announce the coming of the New Temple which Jesus came to build on this earth.

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